Our Mission

At Inspired Reflections, it is our goal to help you record the legacy you hope to leave behind for future generations.  Through the use of professional video and lighting equipment along with a personalized touch from our staff we help you share the story you wish to leave for others to inspire and reflect for years to come. 


Helping tell your Story is our passion

Owners, Amy & Josh Pittman have been married almost ten years.  Both were born and raised in Marion County, Florida.  They have two adorable children, Elle and Reed. Their Story is still unfolding so they desire to learn and grow from their loved ones.

Amy is a sixth generation Floridian and she feels the connection to this area more than most.  Amy has 6 siblings and 15 nieces and nephews and most of them all live in Marion County.   Amy is an Estate Planning Attorney in The Villages area since 2007 and during that time she has heard bits and pieces of her clients stories.  Those short yet interesting stories led her to the idea that there is a need for stories to be told to current and future generations.  She believes that leaving a legacy for loved ones should be more than a financial legacy which usually does not have the lasting impact that grandparents and parents desire.

Josh grew up in Ocala and is a second generation Floridian. His family still lives in Ocala.  Josh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, who, with his years of experience in the field of counseling brings a set of interviewing skills to the table facilitating compassion, empathy and an engaging experience.  Josh believes that sharing your Story is a pathway to healing and growing.  Sharing your Story is allowing others to hear from you about the lessons learned, information from years of life lived and skills that will help build lives that will continue to leave a legacy for generations to come.

If people had the opportunity to share their wisdom, their experiences in a setting that allowed them to pass on their Story for their loved ones then they will not be forgotten and their Story may help shape the lives of future generations.

Amy & Josh hope everyone takes the time to share their untold Story with their loved ones.