Inspired Reflections was founded by Amy and Josh Pittman.  They are passionate about helping people share and preserve their life story through family legacy videos. The difference between a written memoir and video memoir is that a video memoir captures the true emotion of each moment and memory discussed. Reading a story can be interesting and engaging; however, when that same story is spoken on video by the person who lived it you can actually see and experience their expressions and feelings. This can be very powerful.

We live in a digital, almost paperless society.  Now is the time to start building your family documentary videos to ensure your stories can be shared with future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to professionally record and document the legacy you want to leave behind for future generations.  We help you share your stories and produce high quality legacy videos your family will watch and cherish for decades to come!

Helping Tell Your Story is Our Passion

Amy and Josh Pittman were born and raised in Marion County, Florida.  They have two adorable children and are already working on recording their stories through family documentaries that will be shared for generations to come.

Meet Amy

Josh and Amy

Amy is a sixth generation Floridian and has deep connections to the area. Amy has been an Estate Planning Attorney in The Villages since 2007.  Her clients have shared some incredible stories with her over the years. Hearing these short yet interesting stories led her to recognize the need for them to be told to current and future generations through life story videos. Amy strongly believes that leaving a legacy for loved ones should be more than just a financial legacy, which usually does not have the lasting impact that grandparents and parents desire.  Professionally produced family legacy videos will live on forever.

Meet Josh

Josh grew up in Ocala and is a second generation Floridian. He is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who utilizes his professional interviewing skills to facilitate family legacy videos, drawing upon his compassion and empathy to help make people comfortable and enjoy the overall life story video experience.  Josh believes that sharing stories is a pathway to healing and growing. Family legacy videos allow you to describe in your own words stories from your life lived and lessons learned, leaving a true legacy for generations to come.

Amy and Josh would consider it an honor to help you share your stories with your loved ones. Let us help you preserve memories for generations to come through your family legacy video.


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