Do I Need a Family Legacy Video?

I Have Written Family Memoirs. Do I Need a Family Legacy Video?

Written memoirs have been a popular way for people to document their life stories.  Prior to video technology, the written word was really the only way to record significant memories and moments.

Today, video has significantly changed the game. Even if you have written memoirs, video memoirs bring telling your life story to an entirely different level.  While written memoirs are important, complementing them with life story videos can really make an impact.  Let’s take a look at how family documentaries and legacy videos can preserve your legacy and benefit future generations:

See Your Face, Hear Your Voice

Have you ever wished you could see a loved ones face or hear their voice just one more time?  Video memoirs are designed to help your loved ones continue to connect with you long after you are gone.  Many families gather to watch life story videos of their loved ones on special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays.  Leaving a legacy video of yourself for your family helps keep their memories of you alive.


Do you have a nickname for your grandson?  Or, is there a certain expression you use when you speak?  Perhaps you use a different tone of voice when referring to your children growing up.  Story of your life videos can capture and preserve your unique tone, language and expressions that cannot be expressed in a written memoir.

Future Generations Can Get to Know You

Generations that are not even born yet can get to know you through life story videos.  It’s one thing to read a story written by your great-great grandmother or grandfather that passed before you were born.  Watching them actually tell that same story not only has impact but helps them get to know who you were although you never met.

As you can see, family legacy videos are a gift that your loved ones will cherish well after you are gone.  Let us help you create a legacy that will be remembered forever!  Give us a call and we can get started today.

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