family legacy video

The process of sharing your story and creating your family legacy video is quite simple.  Camera shy?  No worries.  Once we get started on your family documentary, you won’t even realize the camera is present.  We will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable and be there to guide you every step of the way!


Your life story video begins with a casual meet and greet or telephone interview.  This is a time when we begin to get to know each other and gain an understanding of your objectives and goals for your video memoir.


After our initial meeting, we will develop a list of proposed interview questions and send them to you for review. We believe the act of asking questions specific to the information you want to share will allow you to convey a more focused story and result in an impactful and memorable life story video. Once we develop questions you are comfortable with answering, production of your family legacy video will be scheduled.


The next step in producing your family legacy video is the recording. Our interviewer will meet with you in a comfortable setting of your choice (i.e. your home, our office, another desired location, etc.) He/she will ask you the pre-determined questions and your responses will be recorded on video.  We will also take what is called B-roll – video of your photos, medals, books, awards or any other visuals that help illustrate your story.


We will then edit your life story video. Once finalized, we will deliver your family legacy video to you in the format of your choice (i.e. hard copy, SD card, DVD, upload to YouTube and/or the Cloud, etc.)


Share your family legacy video with your loved ones!  This allows you to reflect on your story and answer questions from your family while you are still alive.


Ensure your family legacy video and any story of your life videos are listed in your Last Will & Testament.  You should have a plan to ensure they are kept safe, shared and enjoyed for generations to come!


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