How we help share your Story



The beginning of the process consists of a consultation with the interviewer, i.e. meet and greet.  This is the time when we will begin to understand your objective in sharing your Story as well as how much of your Story you want to share.



Next, a preview of potential questions will be sent to you for your review.  We believe the act of asking questions specific to the information you want to share will allow you to share a more focused story.  Once the type of questions are determined, the interview will be scheduled. Our interviewer will ask questions while recording your Story with a video camera. The interview will take place in a comfortable setting of your choice, your home or our office.



From there, our personnel will finalize the video to provide families with an integrative and Inspired video, which depending on your selection of the packages offered, can be delivered several ways, including but not limited to: hard copy, SD card, DVD, YouTube and/or the Cloud.



Finally, share your Story with your loved ones to reflect on your Story. We believe if you have the ability to share your Story while you are living then it will have more of an impact on your loved ones.  It will allow them the opportunity to discuss what they learned from your Story.  It may even provide a deeper connection between you and your loved ones.