The interview process can be lengthy so be prepared to be seated for periods of time and take advantage of the brief breaks during the interview by utilizing the restroom, grabbing a drink or a snack, or moving around to stretch a bit.  

Please wear appropriate clothing that contrast with setting and be prepared to change as you may be asked by our staff to change if the attire is deemed unsuitable for the setting or video.  

Hair and makeup is not provided by our staff and is advised prior to interview.

Our staff asks that you please silence all phones (home and cell) to alleviate any possible interruptions in the interview process. There will be enough time during breaks to check if important calls have been missed.

Please allow for 20 minutes for setup and 20 minutes for take down of the equipment.

Please be sure to eat prior to the interview or have snacks and a drink nearby for use during breaks.  

Please read, review, and revise if applicable the interview questions prior to the interview. 

Please have memorabilia and still photos displayed in a different area if you want them as a part of your final video.  Our staff will shoot footage of these after the interview.

Please have tissues available in the event they are needed during the interview.

Most of all, relax and enjoy the experience.